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  1. Let's go even further back.
  2. Rayduxz

    Steam Commercial License

    Create a commercial package for APB: Reloaded on Steam so it can be cached in a local Steam Site Server at a PC Café or other commercial settings. This would also improve the awareness of the game in countries with high usage of this venues.
  3. Rayduxz

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    ShadowStrike Elite
  4. Rayduxz

    APB Roadmap

    Time to buy another month of premium!
  5. Rayduxz

    spanish quest, anticheat problem

    You could use crowdin or a similar alternative as your localization platform to make users take part of the game translation in different languages. A good example is Life is Feudal as seen at https://crowdin.com/project/life-is-feudal
  6. Rayduxz

    [GAME] Merging all servers

    This looks very viable and promising. So just dissolve all clans, delete all e-mails, merge, resolve name conflicts. Find a technical solution to make instances be able to launch in different regions for the one and only game server. Make users to be able to identify and filter the region of the instances.
  7. Rayduxz

    [BLOG] Disqus

    Hello! Currently the dev blog comment system isn't used that much. It would be cool to implement Disqus (https://disqus.com/admin/blogger/) to endorse more activity. Cheers.
  8. If I recall correctly it was removed because it caused dizziness for some players, so actually a toggle would be a viable option.
  9. I loved this camera angle effect back then, I wish it could be back.
  10. Rayduxz

    The plan to fix the lag

    Purchasing premium was well worth it. Thank you.