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  1. If there's no real full screen mode, I'm out. Gsync/Freesync doesn't work for me well on windowed or borderless.
  2. Picking a mod shouldn't mean you have to make a decision between original condition over what the mod does. Most of the mods give a better effect but provide another negative effect, yet the positives still outweigh the negatives (mostly), and if they don't, then the mod is designed poorly. The only thing they should do is provide an adequate negative effect, while still providing a positive effect in another way, to avoid being overpowered in comparison to non-modded guns. Also if the damage drop off effect is significant enough, it could allow players to decide if its really worth using in mid-long range guns, particularly ones like the OBIR and Obeya (even possibly ARs) that would get a large range gain. The point is to close the excessive range gap IR opens and I feel that this is more creative than doing something that doesn't work like more recoil, bloom, or anything in terms of gun handling.
  3. What about increased effective range with a smaller minimum damage drop off range? Something like 15% effective range and 15-20% less total range. In other words, you get an increase in range, but the increase isn't as game changing over longer ranges.
  4. I don't think expanding the game's playable area is a bad idea at all, but there are so many other issues that take priority over any type of expansion like this. You also have to consider the development cost and the money the game is bringing in at its current state. The original game cost $100M to develop (obviously too much), but creating a new map, especially with modern textures and assets for UE4 would take a lot of time and cost a significant sum.
  5. I haven't played since the last patch, but I thought they fixed the shredder? Also the NFAS lol? It legit sucks.
  6. 2 shot at 9m is not balanced? Before the patches csg 2-shot at 13m and no one said its was OP. In 2011-2013 csg 2shot at 18m and JG at 15m. Keep in mind that is 2 shot if you aim with 100% accuracy, now you can 2 shot with quite a bit less accuracy. I don't think it is unbalanced now, because shotguns were always very inconsistent before, but more in line with other CQB guns considering the ability to pop-shot with shottys. The issue I have is with this Shredder nonsense, literally no reason to use a JG or CSG when you can use a shredder if you got the dough.
  7. Why not fix the regular NFAS, its utter garbage after the damage nerf. Also the problem with the shredder is its got too low TTK for being able to destroy at close range, medium range, and all with high hard damage, not just its effective range. When people run CJ1, its close to .7 TTK with almost no downside. How is buffing guns to the point to where they are OP a way of balancing? Slightly increasing their stats is better so we can get a feel for how they affect other guns in the game. Also what on earth are you thinking with nerfing IR even more? It's already trash, and has destroyed tons of preset guns, reducing the range even more ensures nobody will ever use it. I'm really disappointed by the way LO is handling balancing, and I guess this was to be expected considering the other games they have released in the past.
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