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  1. I'm real happy about this transparency. I'm so tired of devs/publishers giving out false hope and promises. Keep it up and good luck.
  2. Thats the firing interval, not the TTK. It means a round is fired every 0.078 seconds, whereas before a round was fired every 0.045 seconds.
  3. Reminds me of the spell "blue screen" you could cast in Magicka, that removed a random target from the game, possibly the player or his teammates.
  4. It was a result of the new friendslist mechanics. You were meant to get a prompt just like when invited to a group/clan when someone added you as a friend. Instead it crashed your game. but its fixed, and they also seems to have fixed the HVR damage scaling.
  5. Shotguns are fixed. Atleast the Shredder and CSG, havent tried the others yet.
  6. A hotfix for the exploit that allowed players to crash your game by adding you as a friend was just released on the OTW. I hope we will see more players joining us now. Happy testing!
  7. Had a good time, two bullsharks were given away, and only 6 people died.
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