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  1. Pegi

    New vehicle

  2. Pegi

    Rank on OTW

    You get 4x of each I-II-III weapon mods in a mail dont worry.
  3. Pegi

    Criminal or Enforcer

    Enforcer, because we are the good guys. It's kind of a moral choice for me. (Even though, I know enforcers are not much different than crims in this game, but still)
  4. Pegi

    Friend request crash fix (OTW)

    Yea thanks, we are already doing it.
  5. Pegi

    Friend request crash fix (OTW)

    Yea I was reking with the Cobra, and someone got pissed, so bad actually that as soon as I joined back I got insta crashed.
  6. People are literally sending you friend requests if you're playing too good, or just for the sake of trolling. This has to stop asap.