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  1. The support will not help you. I came back after 3 years and everything was gone. The support was very friendly but I was told that too much time had passed and that I could only be helped if it was within the last 90 days
  2. I had the same problem with my 2080ti since i use the advanced launcher with Huntorax's settings this problem is gone it's worth a try you can find the settings at Huntorax's insta profile
  3. Damn, come down, I've been playing the game for a long time (with breaks) and in all these years I've seen maybe 4 players who definitely use hax. The game has completely different problems and these are people who use configs and macros and there are a lot of people even very well-known I just don't understand why these people do that, they are so looser in real life that they absolutely have to win in the game for something get feelings of happiness
  4. I have the same problem with my 2060 but I managed to make the game run properly. Right click on Apb launcher and set it so that Apb is started in Windows 7-8 mode and always start apb as adminestrator now I have had no problems for 2 days hope it stays that way . Sry for my bad english
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