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  1. So...I don't think many more will respond because there is not much activity on the forum. How will we send this information to LO? and When?
  2. Count with me, I will pay the year without problem.
  3. Any idea about what we can do? We cannot let it die. Maybe the petition will show a community keen to see the game return and let LO know it's worth it. But if there are other possibilities then let's do it.
  4. Why don't we start a petition? We have nothing to lose ... If we support the game we will show LO that Fallen Earth is worth working on.
  5. I realy like the idea to make a proposal to relaunch the game. The truth is that I miss it a lot and when they took it away, a part of me disappeared, so count on me. Greetings to all.
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