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  1. My vote is on inventory, vaults inventory, commander´s crafting kit and the Pristine Recombinant Injector.
  2. OMG!!! It´s finaly happen!!! I'm very excited. Thanks Matt!!
  3. I also miss this game, it is part of me. I am looking forward to an update on Matt and the things he promised us in May.
  4. I do not mean to be rude, nor to disrespect LO but, I do not see any commitment to FE, they always leave us a message with little or no information promising things that do not arrive. What does it mean for them to seek short-term solutions? one year? Please Matt I know that it is not easy and that they have other things but a little information every so often would be good.
  5. Is there any news or something? Most of the players who look forward to the return of FE don't care too much about the new engine. What we really want is for FE to return and that's it. Simply with a total reboot we would be happy. It is true that we would lose old progress but it is the best solution. Besides, FE can still be a good source of income. Please Matt we look forward to your updates.
  6. When Matt said putting things online to experiment, was he referring to the PTS server?
  7. It's finally happening! No matter how it is, we just want to play!
  8. So...I don't think many more will respond because there is not much activity on the forum. How will we send this information to LO? and When?
  9. Count with me, I will pay the year without problem.
  10. Any idea about what we can do? We cannot let it die. Maybe the petition will show a community keen to see the game return and let LO know it's worth it. But if there are other possibilities then let's do it.
  11. Why don't we start a petition? We have nothing to lose ... If we support the game we will show LO that Fallen Earth is worth working on.
  12. I realy like the idea to make a proposal to relaunch the game. The truth is that I miss it a lot and when they took it away, a part of me disappeared, so count on me. Greetings to all.
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