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  1. If they are going to add phasing, please go the WoW route and just add the server name. Adding numbers is ugly and opens the door to "can I customize the number" which then becomes a fight over #0420, #0069, and #0001.
  2. Another idea: Put another threat rating in above Gold. I think if Gold was split in two, it could make MM more fair by distinguishing between low gold and high gold where the difference is a high silver is a fair fight for them vs "we need to throw multiple silvers at them". I am sure there are human high golds or maybe not. Might be worth looking at after anti-cheat is better.
  3. Do it. It's a game. I think it'd actually be funnier to make contacts into pseudo town guards where if you are P5N5 in their area, they'll shoot at you with OP guns and near perfect aim. It will protect the newbies and people 'in spawn'. It'd also make the areas more lively if the contacts could come alive. Although the contacts moving around could be grief-y-ish too... maybe give them a few side people that lay about then come alive when a P5N5 comes near by (shooting at their car, shooting at them, etc). The flip side is people should get more rewards for holding onto that notoriety in a populated server but nothing that can be lost on death (direct payment of cash, an increasing XP boost, or a small amount of Joker Tickets).
  4. They are fun imo to have when both sides have a team to assault them. It feels like King of the Hill or like fortress defense since all of them afaik are high up. I mean, they could also soft nerf them with little drones that can shoot. Right now, the biggest problem is the only way to 'raze' them is coordinated assault from all sides. I think I recall them soft nerfing some of them by adding more ways up. That parkor-y one in Waterfront used to only have the parkor route iirc or maybe I am misremembering. On that thought, drones would be a funny addition: single-use suicide drone / single-use pistol drone as a perk slot or secondary weapon
  5. More side activities that give XP; only doing missions gets boring Re-work high level perks (kind of frustrating imo that basically all of the game changing perks are unlocked 195+) Spread them through rank-ups rather than isolating to the top of the ranks It's quite frustrating to vs people with perks you have no counter for Enforce a code of conduct in-game (no hateful names [IHateLGBT and fuckr-tards are just two I've encountered tonight]; no calling each other "f-ggot" / gay / r-tard constantly, etc). No permas on first offense, just a [free] forced name change or increasing chat timeout Yes, it is a rated M-game but this is just dumb. No one wants to be forced to read your political opinions or whatever drivel your brain thinks up Haven't played Enforcer much but seems like Crims have side activities to do on an empty server but Enf don't. Maybe like "take reports" from citizens and doing bank runs for stores to have parallels to mugging & smash-and-grab?) Let us buy the armored trucks and garbage trucks In-game journal / guide to show where you can get a specific upgrade Boats & motorcycles Hand weapons (knives, tasers, etc); basically just to BM on campers you sneak up on Bad Manners medal (negative points) If you blow up a certain number of cars in a row before they are unlocked during a car steal mission If you hide in one of the "nah nah nah" spots on a hold mission on a 1v1 or 2v1 in your favor [gold = 2 silver, so a single gold or two silvers could use the spots in this case]; we all know where they are so it "shouldn't be hard" to fence them then check if the item is sitting in it
  6. Thank youuuuuu! I have logged in for the first time in years and am having lots of fun. Keep up the hard work. I have been lurking in the background and checking in once or twice a month.
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