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  1. Level 0.1 : Always lean when shooting anywhere, including open area. Level 1: Squat and shoot Level 2: Squat and shoot, with leaning Level 99: Shoulder switch on every sniper/shotgun shot, thinking that has tactical advantages Level MAX: Shoulder switch on any movement/weapon shot with squating (Non stop) Seriously, I don't understand the psychology of all of the above action.
  2. "Oh my perfect noob gun is nerfed, the management is shit because they are nerfing my favorite noob gun :(" Pretty sure if a gun is 1 hit kill, people like you will defend for it.
  3. You should NOT (REALLY NOT) balance any weapons based on Clotting Agent 3. Seeing that line from scout "If the second shot misses, or if it takes a while to follow up the first one, the enemy will have regenerated enough health to avoid death." A while means 8 seconds for people without any Clotting Agent. I am not sure if you guys balance the weapon based on CA1-3 and the nerf for HVR is not helpful, people without CA3 will suffer from the same fate.
  4. A dethreater on EU asking real silver to go back to silver just because the real silver boycott him.
  5. I hate Ursus and this is the only P2W gun I had in my mind is Ursus, after the joker box removal, you can almost see this gun every round. It is better than N-tec 5 in every possible way and only 5 shots to kill, I stopped using it since the JMB removal, because I hate it a lot and it feels too strong. I also hate PMG, because it is a noob gun (hold down the button and win) and has a ridiculous range.
  6. APB Reloaded 2.1 beta needs to be released ASAP I looked at the tracking engine upgrade thread, what I feel is the team is trying to get it "Perfect" before releasing, this is an extremely bad approach. You cannot make something perfect, bugs and crashes exists in every software, the only way to get things improved as fast as possible is to let public test it and stress your product. The diversity and increased number of testers will be a lot better than what you guys are doing now, especially when everyone has a different spec (PC only). No need to worry about crash, worry about how much disappointment you guys generate if tracking engine progress reaches #52 weeks and still not having a beta. Beta is a test of a product , not a final product, users are expected to encounter issues, and you guys are here to listen and fix them, the current small amount of testers and idealizing fixing everything you see before releasing is almost like a production update instead of bug. If you are worried about players not willing to test the beta, then give rewards for their participation. We all know what the game current state is, the longer the engine update takes, the later the core mechanic can be improved. Beta is always flawed, don't be scared about the feedback, releasing what can be seen and touched by public is better than public seeing something with depthless void, people will lose their patience if you just post every week and talk about fixing crashes.
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