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  1. I'm just following the Engine Upgrade thread to stay updated regarding it's progress. I will definetly play APB a lot after 2.1 is released and I'm really excited for it. I enjoy the game but right now the playerbase is too small for me. I'm patient and I'm glad this is a real thing.
  2. Summary: Character changes body type Game Version: APB Beta 08/01/2020 Description: My character looks way more skinny at all parts of the body and shape when spawning into Social. If changing the District to Asylum my character appeareance is right. Steps to Reproduce: Logging in. Reproduceability: 25%. When I started the Beta the first time today my character showed up correctly on Social as well as on Asylum. Only in the second try this bug appeared, also only on Social.
  3. Summary: Parts of my belt are disappeared. Game Version: APB Beta 08/01/2020 Description: See the pic Steps to Reproduce: I witnessed this after using the Outfit Designer but I'm not sure whether there is a connection or not.
  4. With all respect but I witness nothing from this post besides some BabyRage here and there and a little bit of salt and resignation. I do not have 1000hr spent in APB. I do not have years of experience witnessing the ups and downs of this game. But the main reason why I came back and want to invest time in this game again is because I see a future for this game. And the main reason why I see a future is the Engine Update renewing the game not only the graphics. There might be problems who are bigger (tbh I think Matt talked a lot about these in his last stream) but this upcoming overhaul is what brought me back. And I'm definetely not the only person thinking that way. So in terms of binding current players and attracting new players for this game LO has the correct prioritization. Besides that creating new content and changing more stuff in the current engine means more work in the translation process later. I just red a couple of answers here and I saw people mentioning that a bunch of the problems this game has are engine related. And LO didn't said that the engine is the only problem this game has. Well I use the standard assault rifle and not feeling disadvantaged that much in fights. Also don't understand how LO is supposed to fix their "players". They fixed weapons balancing at least from my perspective. A couple of years ago I struggled against experienced players much more. I like the cars too. I guess some individuals just have some kind of desire to badmouth even good things for no reason, or for attraction or because they had a bad day. But most of the community appreciate what LO does and I guess for good reasons.
  5. It's the launch of a Beta. Many titles have these kind of server problems in full launch. If you didn't expect that something like this could happen to you in the launch of a first Open Beta... Can't get people let suprise themselves that easily.
  6. So if the new Engine goes live it will attract quite many new players and old players who are going to come back. It will be some kind of relaunch, that's for sure. I saw people creating cool backstories for their characters for the JOKER EMPLOYEE DESIGN CHALLENGE. I know that some small roleplay APB community existed. The game also provides cool tooles for roleplay. Just want to know if there are people who are still interested in somekind of roleplay in APB.
  7. APB doesn't have a big community where you can find matches at 1am in a couple of minutes like in Apex, Modern Warfare etc. But APB has a consistent amount of players who play this game regularly and who keep this game going. Furthermore new players are still a thing and will definetly increase when the new engine update is out. You do answer your question yourself. It's not dead if it's only "half dead at late hours".
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