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  1. Proccesor: i5 2400 3.2GHZ RAM: 8GB GPU: GTX 1050ti 80 FPS on ultra ( but I’m using advanced launcher to milk all the FPS so I get 100-70 and sometimes it drops to 60/45 cause apb)
  2. Name: Xnax From: Egypt Preferred faction: Criminal Likes : Weird outfits, car designs Hates: Hackers Phrase: ESSSKKEEEETIIIIT Ingame:
  3. You should bring that option back, it spreaded positivity all over community, I used to gift my clan mates on their birthdays. Now I can’t do that
  4. So yeah awhile ago I was trying to gift a friend of mine premium, then I don’t see gift option on armas. Is it removed? Or that’s a bug? Someone explain please
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