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  1. 2 servers comment was facetious LOL. Fresh start please
  2. Reaps you are a jackass lol Level 100 is simple math Skills and AP simple math Weapon and Resist scaling simple math The only issue is developing 45 levels of content and zones You can skip 90% of any MMO for efficiency does skipping it make it fun? sometimes yes Replay value = ironman challenge / play through the story despite efficiency
  3. Lets have 2 servers, Fresh Start and Old Gear. You can enjoy your old gear for about 3 days then you will be so bored and alone because 99.9% of the game population will be on the Fresh start server. Who knows could be all kinds of new things to do and see during the leveling process. maybe even new level cap and endgame content
  4. Raid the compound and rid it of mutants. More bullets!
  5. WoW Classic was launched for a reason: that reason being, a 16 year old game was superior to its successor. Don't be hasty in judging old games. FE has some of that classic beauty and immersion that could have massive value if launched correctly
  6. I crafted all my own stuff, if you do it right, you can craft and have combat stats Elites have great loot so you can fund your crafting indefinitely with the chips
  7. You gotta have optimized weapons and armor and max endurance and smart pulling. Armor stance is a must and armor aura can be helpful. Also in addition to healing Gamma, First Aid is extremely useful basically turns your Stamina into a second mana pool for healing. Bandages are super cheap and spammable for healing and also give a Health Regen long term buff. Keep that health up and farm all day. I got to 55 but I respecced into rifles just because ranged weapons are convenient. In parties though, melee is really effective because party members can spam heals on you. Benevolence heals double if you cast it on someone vs self cast. Makes it more Gamma efficient. We can level together on the Reboot if you're interested I'm going rifles though for convenience, but I've soloed the elite mobs melee while leveling. You can still shoot guns in melee and range just opens up your options. But I will always appreciate melee combat You gotta know the weapon recipes, some weapons that require level 15 will have less dps than a rare recipe that only requires level 12
  8. Bro swords healer was decent in heavy armor if you dual wield swords. Not as much dps as guns, but still decent. Great for farming too because you didnt need ammo
  9. His name is Jordan Peterson
  10. Aye, I have it bookmarked on my browser. Such an elegant simple design that no other game attempted afterward. FE is just one of those games that stands the test of time, where other games die out or lose replay value to the changing times, FE is a timeless classic. Long Live The Reboot!
  11. Bring it back soon! The people need to know what happened
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