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  1. Some new content in form of contacts, new items etc would be nice - However, things takes time, and some things comes before others - I could see why they would do the engine upgrade first, before anything else. Or probably push it out all together? Like a new version of the game.
  2. Honestly though, I don't think APB is about the graphics or engine - I believe the real issue is centered around match making. That new players, Rank 01 gets matched with Rank 222 with every arma's weapon in the game. I believe there's issues that definiately needs more attention, than the engine. I do however agree, that a new engine definiately wouldnt hurt
  3. I am an old player too - And I also noticed, that there's alot of old players aswell - And I agree with the quoted post above me. People are super good at this game, after playing so long, knowing all the good places on the maps etc, plus, they own some quite hard hitting weapons aswell. So while you're new, have to learn everything, you haev to deal with being Pwned all the time, by people who got 6 years of experience. That's probably why - Also, there's not alot of youtube videos of APB or streaming, so people dosent really notice the game..
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