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  1. 0, in fact there aren't any good players at all compared to the good ol days. Seemed like there were a hundred pro quake players divided up into 2 clans back then. Game is definitely more enjoyable now than it has ever been before. And no, 99% of those guys were not cheating.
  2. If you're going up against players that have better aim than you, at least make yourself hard to kill. Im trash, but at least I'll be a pain in the patootie all game by staying alive and picking my battles. You're spawning and dying 1 by 1 and not trading off any frags. Wait for your teammates, attack from different angles, and use your nades. Basic principles across all shooters. The best apb players of all time cannot land every shot on you if you have cover and lateral movement. Make them miss.
  3. Way too many Karens in this thread. First of all none of us would be playing this game at all if it weren't for LO. Secondly, no one hacks. Look at VODs from even decent players like bnat and motorola. Ya'll dont realize how fast you can get dropped even if they miss half their shots. Also don't give out more than 3 days of premium please. You don't owe them anything.
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