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  1. wetslits

    Can't login

    yeah its still happening, just hopped in the forums cuz this issue, it happens when i click Next after I select my character Edit: checked again its now an error 9, server offline now?
  2. wetslits

    Error 30006

    It finally let me make a character but idk if it was just luck, might need more feedback from others.
  3. wetslits

    Error 30006

    thanks for the update, you the man.
  4. I'm sure he's aware rome wasnt built in a day and i'm aware of it too. We also know they need breaks, despite that when you did just make a purchase and it is affected by a bug, and it is a bug affecting the players who are putting their money into the game they want their voice heard. Theyre not expecting everything for free or even a fix in a few hours, just an update maybe , just like i know matt scott made the thread that updated people about the backed up support tickets , maybe a queue list of what bug is being worked on and which one is the next priority. Sidenote: if you comb through the forum this issue happened with ps4 back in may so maybe this one is one that will be fixed fast... so we must be patient, theyre working hard, we just like updates even if its a " we are off on Sunday" cuz then you know theyll start working on stuff on Monday or Tuesday etc
  5. The only other game that i think has as much freedom with character customization is another dead free game called "toribash" Each player uses ragdolls that have different joints i.e Neck , pecs, shoulders, wrists, elboes , glutes(not i a joint i know more like a muscle but they consider it a joint), hips knees, and ankles as well as clickable "hands" which more or less resemble cubes... you can buy several differnt colors to make your characters joints , you can have them be red when theyre relaxed, or blue when theyre in use.. you can change your blood color as well. but the true customization comes when you get a large amount of credits and can buy "textures" which allow you to basically upload images you make in photoshop or painttoolsai or even just grab from the internet. game has just about the same amount of players as apb... the gameplay is nothing like apb though, they consider it a "sandbox fighting simulation" but you basically click the joints while a timer counts down.. the character follows rules of gravity and will move accordingly to what you click on , if youre new youre mostlikely gonna fall on your patootie but people make "mods" for the game which can go from parkour maps to run through a small city map .. skateboard maps, basketball.. it can be PVE or PVP depending on what modes people have on the servers and you can even have your own private rooms and kick people if youre getting your patootie handed to you by max levels too hard . game has a HUGE learning curve which is most likely why its a ghost town. people try it and quit Edit: another reason i think it is dead is because its hard to get enough credits for full customization freedom without winning Tournaments, or being a really good artist .. cuz you only get like 10credits a win in public games and last i checked its like 20,000 credits for a high detailed face texture ( textures have resolution limits so the highest res ones are in the 20k range) so if you want full customization freedom you need like 1million credits and its annoying as hell
  6. wetslits

    Error 30006

    I did the opposite, i deleted my Female to make a male enforcer.. and i have 1/3 slots in use , i really want to use LTL cuz i'm bored on crim
  7. thank you and i wasnt trying to be grumpy i reread it and saw that it came off grouchy, thanks for the help
  8. pretty hard to do that when i have to refresh armas market 20times for one page to load and i cant get purchase history to show up.
  9. yeah i'm one of the ones on the west coast but its not so bad, people in south america's ping got twice as bad as it already was which means EZ pickins >:D
  10. i had 23 and a have days when servers went down... i only have 20 days on armas now, havent recieved the 7 days.. my thing says 20days and 12 hours.. my jokerbox weapon also expired during down time
  11. my main problem with people accusing people of dethreating is I'm a perma silver, been one since i started years ago never been gold even if i had a really good game ( I'm a mid to high skill silver) if i shit on a low tier silver/hightier bronze they accuse me of dethreating because they arent skilled enough to beat me ... and if i got banned over it i want there to be some sort of recourse cuz that would be false flagging... i've been accused of being a fake silver more times than i can count cuz i have legendaries and accused of dethreating (i really just ramraid a shitload and i still suck against high tier silvers and gold)
  12. Dreammmmmmmm, dream dream dreammmmmmmm every few hours i join to feed off of the tears of those who are impatient who cry that this is the end.. the same people who's tears feed me when i shoot them through dumpsters with my Colby Commander, or burn them with a blowtorch muahahahahahah >:)
  13. yeah the ETA on North America was about 8hours ago, nothing we can do but check back later
  14. Not too worried about The downtime , thanks for hearing us out, thank you for listening when asking for Premium reimbursement , and looking forward to changes. Only curious where the servers are hosted for Jericho, i live on the west coast and i had super low ping, i know packet loss happens sometimes in any game but i'm sure it will be lessened after this if all goes good. and yeah i dont have many other games to play like most of these angry people commenting with little to no actual experience in creating games but pick up a moba or something people(what i'm doing right now) , most are free and theres no huge grind to level up . or learn a trade craft.. go buy some wood from the hardware store and a chisel or dremel Make something am i skeptical? of course always am but it has nothing to do with LO(theyre doing a decent job from what i've seen since i've came back) it just has to do with this game having a poor track record
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