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  1. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? RIOT offers a blend of Fight Club style death matches with the scale and scope of Anarchy/Mission Districts. It sort of embodies what surviving in a war torn city like San Paro would feel like. No block is safe and your crew needs to be ready to fight tooth and nail to keep you alive. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? With a lot of improvements, I could see myself asking friends to try it with me, however it would have to contend with a lot of top notch BR's before I suggested it. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? Battle Royale meets GTA. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? If we are talking mechanics, a queue system is pretty much an absolute must right now. No one will give this game the time of day if they have to spam "Join" like we already do for Mission Districts. If we are talking basic game play, give everyone 1 extra life at the start to keep it interesting, and make the Legendary Drops offer any combination of Weapons, RIOT Specific Character Mods, Grenades or 1 extra life to be given to whoever claims the drop. Maybe make the drops APB themed (capture points, break ins, hacks, vans to force open, etc.). This way Legendary Drops become highly sought after, the extra life system isn't abused and the game play can have levels to it. RIOT appropriate Mods would be sick. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? Literally any and every new object in the map. Seeing Financial set up in this way makes the game too damn cool to play. If anything, I would say add more barricades, towers and outposts to the hot spots located in the middle of the map. The intersection just north of Double B is a great example of a location that needs more cover. It felt too empty. Make it more like the entrances to Dark Zones in the Division, or Baylan FC, more crates and stuff to use as cover and terrain to traverse. Oh, and maybe make some of the barricades that line the roads vault-able. Maybe just add some existing fences between every ten or fifteen barricades so that we don't have to run all the way around them. What about RIOT do you like the least? I absolutely hate that there are spawned drops which offer Primaries, Secondaries, and Extra Lives, AND pop ups to buy them which appears almost randomly unless you just pocketed enough money for something. Either get rid of the popups and either create an accessible buy menu that we can toggle, OR make those drops the only way to buy that stuff. You could move some Joker Ammo Vending Machines around and use those as kiosks for purchasing your upgrades. I don't like that there are two ways to acquire the upgrades, and neither feel reliable. I really feel like this could be a decent BR, especially because of how much customization would play a role in player branding. At the same time, I would really hate for RIOT to be a BR. If anything, I want it to at least be an innovation to the genre, not a trend chaser. So please put your best thinking caps on and really consider where to go with this, because this might just make or break the future of APB. This game has been loved and ridiculed into the dirt. I would hate for this to really drive it further down because it lacked innovation.
  2. Maybe we should have more than two instances of RIOT going on at once
  3. I would love to test this with a group of people. Anyone got a Discord I can join?
  4. Good catch, thanks dude. I made the same typo four times lol
  5. Character Name: Soothsayer Story Title: The Ghost of Gresty (rewrote it because why tf not) Additional information Story
  6. I'll repost. Draw these for Sjana. Old picture - 2017 New picture - 2018
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