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  1. dayum so stronK ok ok sorry im just not on the same skill level like this dude (according to his words lol) please dont rekt me in game p.s. I want to advise you to enroll english leassons, or if you are just a kid stay in school or even if you are russian... well then it's forgiven hehe
  2. You miss understood the whole point of dethreating in APB. First of all let me judge for what I see. My conclusion is simple, just a new boy in the world of APB (probably a CoD or Bf og player) who can't handle someone is better than him (obvious it's not a shame; admit, you are still new, have to realize game physics at first). So my friend your rage quit is useless at every point of view. Here let me enlight you: 1. Your team mates are still gonna need every possible help they could get 2. True opposition (I'm speaking of true goldies) wanna get some real shit fighting against to, thinking of new tactics and making some unique decisions, etc. 3. After all, why are you even playing this game? What's the logic of playing it at all? Pitty of your time bro. Just to be afk and jerking off in front of screen? Well pall then I'm begging you don't play APB and delete this game this instance. I'm telling you this cuz atleast every week I get "smart" mate who's doing the same thing like you are and I must say it's disgusting. Trust me many old players will agree with me with this argument. Cya and I hope you won't get fighing with or against me
  3. Reading this topic is really interesting But is it really? If there's no threat district will there still be dethreaters? Proof me wrong I'll wait Even against 4 bronze newbs with Star 556 you will get annoyed with all those spray 'n' pray gameplay who could rekt your butt hole, even tho idk who are you, what's your rank, gameplay and hours spent into the game (familiar with game logic/physics) Cheers ^^ Fifty seven? Bruh this is not CS:GO, you missed the forum lol
  4. What you meant to say is: Kick every russian/cyrilic user who obviously have never seen latinic keyboard from old Eu server(s)
  5. Nice to actually hear some positive stories and thoughts about this game and community ofc (basically the game is full of ununderstandable cyrilic eastern friends hehe) so it's hard to find some friendly language with players.
  6. For folks who obviously didn't read what had Matt wrote... APB is not getting new engine it's just recieving new refreshed servers and that's about it. No furthermore you have to understand what does that mean - basically less crashes, DC or minor/major laggs. From what have they told us atleast. So guys I doubt you will experience any major graphic/permormance improvements after the servers will be online again, possibly it will crash a lot when they realase the servers online, so don't get ignited.
  7. Everyone should recieve atleast an additional 500G1C and some premium days, no matter they already purchased it or not. LO admins can see how this situation affect people and how the APB is important just as a game to them. Just giving some infos because I feel them all.
  8. Really? hehe I haven't been invited for patricipate in such a big test
  9. No, the merge is still not gonna happen but maybe in future it will merge together Anyway, they are just working on new host (provider) for network infrastructure (aka servers) for NA and EU servers which means - new location for servers (new servers) Which leading to my question. Can we hoping for finally getting new engine who will run APB:R? The old and outdated engine is really the reason a lot of people quit playing this game long time ago and you guys can't blame them. APB can't really compete with other new games with so much greater engine....
  10. Deja vu lol Anyway I wanted to know if there's any information about servers comming online?
  11. Whole day.. hmm you should give atleast a 1 day of premium and 500G1C for waiting and missing some play
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