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  1. Yeah same, Waterfront district crashed and now I cant log back into apb through email or Steam
  2. Apparently all they play is APB.. and most people here complain just to complain or they want attention *yawn*
  3. They gave us approximations of when the servers will be back up, idk why you gotta constantly post that the servers are still down. It's not hard to be patient for a few days if it means that the game overall will improves as a result. Yes we are waiting on the game to come back up, but there is literally no need to CONSTANTLY post about it. It's no help and it gets annoying osrs.
  4. Soo, I was going to sleep early tonight like I did the past 2 days. Buuuuttttttt, Matt has blessed us all.
  5. Prettyyyy sure LO has only owned APB since 2018 but okayyy
  6. Hopefully not, again idk anything i was just assuming.
  7. Idk anything but I'm assuming the same amount of time it took for XB1 to go up. Could be sooner if they worked on it at the same time as XB1 tho.
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