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  1. 1) OTW is the testing world used to demo balance changes and so far one new type of weapon. They're currently using it to gather data to refine the weapon balance along with tweaks to modification behaviours. 2) Shotguns are ridiculous now, yes. Shotguns were changed regarding their pellet damage to improve 2 or 3 shot kill capability (depends on the weapon). Right now per pellet damage for shotguns follow a curve that makes the first pellet deal the most damage and each subsequent pellet hit will register less damage. If I recall correctly, some shotguns can land as little as 6 pellets per shot and snag a two shot kill. As for the N-HVR 762 / PSR, they were changed to have the damage they inflict be tied to their accuracy. This was to combat heavy snipers being used in ways that they were not designed such as tapping someone with an FBW and just stuffing the muzzle of the HVR into their opp's face before shooting to net an easy kill. The HVR will only deal its maximum damage of 850 if it is fired when in marksmanship mode with perfect accuracy. I may be wrong, but I believe the HVR if fired with low accuracy (for example, standing and hip fired or moving) will do just 40% of its base 850 damage, putting it at a pitiful 340 damage. This definitely helps reduce the HVR's effectiveness as a shotgun in close quarters combat. However if you are using the HVR the way it is intended to be used... You'll see almost no difference if any at all. The HVR is still capable of incredible area denial, still puts people an inch from death in the blink of an eye, and is still a pain in the rear to play against. And the N-TEC... Nothing massive has happened to it. Improved rifling is being tweaked so it has had some impact to the way the N-TEC is used, nothing huge in my opinion. It's still a powerhouse like it has been for years. At the same time though they are testing some changes to the N-TEC on the OTW servers which you can read about here: 3) Yep. Not going to comment much on that since politics give me a migraine. Hope some of this helps! I'd recommend reading through the last APB blog post to get a little more info if you so desire: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/07/end-of-july-update.html
  2. My concern by ramping up money rewards would be reducing the value of the currency thus inflating the cost of other items (symbols, themes, legendary weapons). I don't see any issue with the current payout rates for non-premium players as buying ammo and mods isn't all that difficult. As long as you are playing relatively well and winning, I can easily see anyone earning at least $1,800-$2300 per match.
  3. Contact support to ask them to reverse the purchase of the STAR 556 R&D III so you can buy something else. As far as I am aware, they will not do a refund of the G1C purchase to return your £20.
  4. I wonder what happened to make someone so bitter that they would so relentlessly try to ruin fun for everyone else... Who ever is doing the DDoS'ing has some serious dedication to being a horrible wretch keen on ruining things for everyone else.
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