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  1. here is the original LO post from 2018, listing all the zombie/infected locations Halloween 2018 Events - General Discussion - GamersFirst Forums Merged. here! link!
  2. you should all just move along!. FE is dead and gone and if no official announcements have been made after all this time you can get your shovels out and pat the soil down on top of its grave. I lived in hope though, hence my revisit. But alas the old horse has been flogged.
  3. I just reinstalled the game, logged in, only to be told, game shuts down tomorrow.for good. But I can't find any posts on these forums about it! The players ing ame currently are very knowledgeable on the subject though... But I dont know... If so bye bye FE... my farewell was quick, killing bright wolves with my rifle...
  4. And Ive been following the games new owners updates and keep coming back hoping for something interesting that would tempt me to reinstall.
  5. Can I just add my 2 cents worth. I played Fallen Earth from the beginning, I have very fond memories of Friday and Saturday parties, with live music and much role play in the bars in the main city. In fact I played for years. I was a hard core Chota and member of the hardest badest Chota clan the server ever seen or ever had. I was called BIgDa and had many wonderful ingame friends whom I never met in real life or knew personally. What stopped me playing? The game ran like a dog even on my modern super duper pc, it was just a lag fest and totally unplayable. And most of my clan mates had the same problem. We thought upgrading our PCs would make it so wonderful. It just made it worse. It would be a fair point to add that this probably hasn't changed.. And first impression always count. I do miss my Fallen Earth Motorcycle, I fondly remember the purchase and the purchase of the game.. Yes! once upon a time FE cost money! Ooh and for the person whom says look at join date on this forum, there something not right there, I played from the 2nd week the game opened, which definitely wasn't 2012.
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