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  1. Yes i know but, it will be a restricted cpu requeirement for when the engine will come out or is just a 'Beta problems' for now?
  2. @Sakebee I still have problems with AVX (new sandy bridge extensions) I can't install the beta client.
  3. https://imgur.com/igcqBsD Queenforx: She is the Queen of San Paro. Because she is an enforcer she prefer to not wear the Imperial Crown because she acts undercover to arrest those criminals. https://imgur.com/1ZAZe3A Kingcriminal: He is the King of San Paro. He always wear his red Imperial Crown and sunglasses. When he is in battle he is always assisted by his favourite weapon, the Scout.
  4. APB have some fps drops, hope for the engine upgrade. But for now you can try with APB Advanced Launcher. Try my settings it helped with my fps. I leave a link to one of my video of Advanced launcher in my YT channel hope it help you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxq7vbwa9_c Follow the steps. cheers ;)
  5. Hey guys! In this video i will show you my personal experience with this new gun called "Corsair". In the video there are some info about the range and stuff like that. So if you are interested, check it on this link:
  6. Really thanks for your hard work guys! And thanks for the free premium, appreciated. I hope this virus gets eradicated quickly, but for now we have to stay safe in quarantine. Cheers!
  7. @MattScott what's going on this time? How long the servers will stay off this time? Are you moving the EU server located in America in a new EU now? thanks in advance
  8. Hey guys whats up? I need more "traffic" to my YouTube channel because im at the start of it. Today i upload a new video, quite different than normal so I hope you enjoy! Remember to subscribe and leave a like or comment and in case you do it, thanks its really appreciated I leave a link of my new video here:
  9. Hi guys! I want to share with you my new video on my channel, i hope you enjoy watching it and remember to subscribe and leave a like cheers!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8KXheOeT-XhAqjO7Ib47zw Hello everyone guys, i wanna share my Youtube video content here. I hope you will have fun and enjoy my videos. That up link redirect you at my channel. I will link some recent videos down below. Hope you subscribe and thanks in advance!
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