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  1. Didn't really watched the stream, but oh man the drama that followed was something. I don't get it as well, I'm quite happy to see the new management team actually caring, discussing openly with us and playing with us. People used to cry that mods / devs were never in-game, and now that they are, we'll still cry and nitpick about every aspect of their gameplay, people they plays with or the fact it's unfair they got guns to shoot us. I think it's sad to see this getting cancelled after one try. I think that was a good idea, and I for one do not care if she got max rank and weapons through commands, or who she plays with. Would it really be better to watch her struggle, probably getting streamsnipped and not having a good time instead of being able to group up with more players, face more of them and actually show some content? I'd love to see a second go at that, and I'd watch it purely for entertainment.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I do like FC a lot and spend most of my time here, I sure hope the new game mode will provide some new possibilities, with hopefully less issues. Can't wait to give it a go.
  3. I've used the Hoenir( blue mod ) from time to time, it's pretty fun and a nice change from others SMGs. Gives you an almost instant reload once your magazine runs out, can be really neat for long fights or for targeting multiple players. IMO the 3 others aren't worth it, especially the Odin (pack exclusive), since you can't mod it.
  4. Cool. Too bad I can't play on NA, would have loved to see you guys. Have fun!
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