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  1. gazzzzzz


    I'm sorry but i don't make videos when i play
  2. gazzzzzz


    The first time (r192 gold)we were afk 3 peoples in my team caught us 11 times 800mt from the mission The second (248 gold) was just me afk at 600mt from the mission and he caught me 3 time I don't think is prediction
  3. gazzzzzz


    3 days...2 wallhacker...R192 and R248......it's all good...
  4. it's nice to know that ban people who use common launchers but they let those who use scripts play
  5. ruining an already ruined game was difficult but LO is doing it
  6. gazzzzzz


    the same thing LO does to prevent these people from ruining the fun for other players ... nothing
  7. gazzzzzz


    12/29 h 4.07 we were a 4-person team against a 4-person team that had the VIP we hid in 7 different places because they seemed to play strange they found us 7 times
  8. 1000 players,800 in UE.....the countdown to APB's funeral has started
  9. gazzzzzz

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Option 4: give the possibility to move your account in jerico
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