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Mail is Eating Items

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I tried to get items from the mail. When I click on a received item, it takes a long time to load. Then when I go to retrieve the item, there's nothing there (even though it showed a paperclip). When I close the mail, the paperclip has disappeared, but I still don't have the item. I tried this with several items to be certain I wasn't opening an empty envelope.

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Posted (edited)

Just dont delete any sposedly blank mails..The items will appear in them after maint. its a Very common issue if lag gets bad enough...which i assume it has...im going in now to see..wish me luck.

Figures..hanging on toon load too at the moment...no surprise there. Should be maintenance in about 2 hours..around 12.30 gmt ussually.

Aha toons just loaded...guess i wont be doing my mail though.

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