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When the game lags

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Let me say this first.


When it isn't lagging, it works great. I haven't really noticed any actual bugs in the game.  After daily maintenance, it may take a couple hours, clear up to 12+ hours before any type of lag starts. Sometimes everything runs fine for days without any problems at all.



I have seen Three different "types" of lag in this game.


One - This is your "standard" lag that happens in most online games from time to time.


         When walking or driving your vehicle,  it might jerk around a bit or possibly "rubberband". Different things may work slilghtly slower.  Mobs or NPCs may walk through walls etc. Random strange things happen.


Two -  This is what happens when there is a "certain type" of lag In this game. This may last up to 15 minutes, once per hour, for a few hours in a row, as far as I've seen. (Normally later at night or very early in the morning Eastern Standard Time.)  I'm begining to wonder if there is one particular part of the server causing this.


Scavenging nodes - sometimes nodes won't disappear, the popup screen takes a long time, you may not recieve the item for a couple minutes but,  it usually will show up in your chat.


Fast travel - Doesn't work


Garages - You can tow your mount, but if you do, it won't let you avtivate it. You will keep getting the message (currently being parked, please wait)


Login screen - Characters don't show up, so you wouldn't be able to enter the game.


Chat - Goes very slowly, but sometimes private, or team chat is fine.  As far as I've seen, local chat always works fine.


Vehicle or mount - May randomly disappear while you are on it. "This doesn't happen very often"


Crafting - Items will not fully complete and stay in the queue list. (This is rare but, during lag type Three, you might recieve 2x of an item)


Shooting - Sometimes your bullets hit the mob, but do nothing.


Mailbox - Items do not show up, or will randomly disappear, (possibly because the server can't reach certain data)


The forum might lag during or immediately after this.



Three - This type of lag makes the game almost unplayable.


            Sometimes it will go away on it's own, or is fixed when "daily maintenance" is finished. Every once in a while, it will crash the server. Chat may take 10+ minutes to show up. (sometimes over 30 minutes, or not at all) Everything just drags along. This type also includes everything that happens in "lag type One and Two"


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Thanks for this post! It might just be me, but lag (particularly Type 2 as outlined above) is becoming more pronounced lately.  Has anyone looked further into what may be the root cause or causes of the above conditions? In the last 2 years lag never seemed as bad as it is now.  Was the server move and it's associated drama part of the problem? Perhaps we'll never find out.

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13 hours ago, Invisoseen said:

It might just be me, but lag (particularly Type 2 as outlined above) is becoming more pronounced lately.

I've definitely noticed more lag of late, but type 2 - specifically where a node's popup won't pop - has been significantly improved for me since LO's server move. 

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Its "quite" laggy at the moment..be nice if they could manage to improve it without a reboot though as i have harvs up..ty

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