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3 minutes ago, Meta said:

Making threads telling people that one is quitting the game for x reason were not allowed on the old forums by G1.

OP previously made such a thread thinking his account was blocked, but it wasn't hence this thread.

Players can make a bye thread as long as they aren't saying they were banned (because again this is for support).


But thank you for explaining.

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3 hours ago, Lixil said:


Only OP can request this.



Moved post to the offtopic. 


Was more meant to spawn you in :D. Thanks.

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22 hours ago, BrandonBranderson said:

So are you just... one of us now?


Edit:  I'm stupid.  I was thinking of Majiik

You do not know how many times have gotten mixed up with that person , PM's in-game asking for stuff or to ban such n such for blah blah  message them back "I'm majikal but not the majik you are seeking" 😛 it actually happend more when they added the Majiik JMB 

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