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Extended Server Maintenance (Monday 4/29/2019)

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I think we have login problems again.


I'm not the only one with that error message.



Able to login but endless loading while joining district.


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16 hours ago, BrandonBranderson said:

The 3.5 you guys are playing on is so bad because the previous G1 team decided to rush it out before it was anywhere near complete.  The reason LO hasn't fixed it yet is because they are trying to get the PC version also upgraded to 3.5 so both console and PC are running on the same code base.  This has been their top priority since they took over and they're nearing completion.  They've also been working on back-end issues with the console versions along side the PC upgrade.  I recommend reading Matt's blog posts.  The last part of this post is about the console versions:  https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/4/18/april-update-from-matt


They aren't uninterested in fixing the graphics issue, they've just had more important things to work on.  Them only being at this point after a year of owning the game with an actual competent team behind it should be an indicator of how much of a mess APB really is on the back end.

For them to constantly be fixing Xbox One and PC versions since aquiring the game, and not touching the PS4 version except to throw the holiday events in (which are extremely laggy), tells me they don't care about their PS4 fans which, to me, makes them just as garbage as GamersFirst.  Tons of PS4 players are frustrated about the issues and many stopped playing altogether.  They've owned the game for a year now, there should be improvement on all versions.....

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