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Juggernaut Weapons Mods

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Hi everyone,


I don't know if it's the correct section to post this kind of topic, but i'll go along anyway.


I kept searching for mods that commonly go with the Juggernaut Pack Weapons (S1 Frenzy, Manic, and Rabid) but I didn't find anything too precise on the subject (The only thing I found was a kill montage featuring the weapons and the mods that the players used without explanation).


So, can anyone give me a rundown on the most effective way to use these weapons, and why you would use such mods ?


Thanks in advance

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The only weapons that is worth in the Juggernaut pack is the Manic, you can use it from hipfire or Marksman, pretty accurate.
It happens a lot in big weapon packs, it's quantity over quality.

Frenzy is good if you don't have an Ntec,
And Rabid is a total mess when it comes to accuracy to use it's 70 m range.

Frenzy: Hunting Sight 3, Improved Rifling 3, Mobility Sling/Tagger.
Manic: Improved Rifling 3, Mobility Sling, + anything you want.
Rabid: Hunting Sight 3, Improved Rifling 3, Extended Magazine 3.

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Frenzy I mod like an ntec

Rabid I dont touch

Manic RS1, EM3, MS

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Frenzy is an NTEC at its core, treat it as such without the added bonus of being able to use HB1

Rabid fires pretty darn fast but it needs hunting sight to not have vomit tier accuracy, and even then it'll still fail to shoot straight. Melts opponents if you are close enough

Manic is one of the best SMG/AR hybrids, mobsling is the only one mod that you absolutely need, after that it's up to preference. I've seen some madmen run HS3 IR3 on it, some run RS instead.. CJ makes the bloom cap a bit shit so try to avoid that

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