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Wiping progress

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On 2/11/2019 at 8:22 PM, Jeronan said:

I wouldn't mind, since the current game has always been very buggy and glitchy with terrible NPC AI.


So if they could lift the entire game to a new game engine (preferably Unreal Engine 4 and not Unity. Hope that is just an intermediate stage), fix the most annoying bugs and glitches and improve the NPC AI.


Then I would replay the game in a heartbeat!   I just started over on a new char in the current game (since I have been away for so long) and the game just a lot of charm still and that pull to it.

I just hate the F2P changes and restrictions Gamersfirst has put in the game, incuding these stupid gambling (loot) boxes.  Hope these P2W stuff will be removed from the new version.

What is this P2W stuff you talk about? As none exist are you talking about FE or APB?


As to the restrictions for F2P it is about time the restriction on chips and especially global chat access was completely removed.

Make people pay for extra character slots and cosmetics but stop penalising new players with restricted access to basic functions.

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Just my opinion:


Blind inventory and progress wipe is not a solution to bring new players, or make old players return to fill population gap. Not sure if it is also valid approach to make old players investing their money second time into boosters to restore their lost progress quickly.


To attract new players you need to roll appealing content up to today modern standards. Yes, FE lore and setting is superb - i enjoyed my walk-through with multiple alts on all faction missions and default Global tech mission till end and beyond in Kaibab, Deadfall, TW and Alpha, but actual FE experience proves it is not enough. 


I used to like FE crafting as well, but once time passed and I saw different crafting in other games, it feels way too simplistic and non-appealing anymore to me. It lacks more personal player "touch" to crafted items. 


My advise. FE should have zone #1 polished and it size has enough place to fill it with many content, both PvE and PvP until population is stable enough. Otherwise this new game will again suffer for too big spread of population across levels and zones. 

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