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  1. Well, keep thumbs up for Unsung Story and APB success. But APB meets much of competion from GTA Online today which grew over these years. While be myself in world of CP2077 and being exciting about Badlands and roaming deserted areas, you also come to conclusion how many things FE offered 10 years ago already. Shame.
  2. @MattScott It is nice to observe some progress on FE reboot work. Thank you for update. The render looks awesome. On separate note i wonder if you go for prioritization of selected items in case if they need manual re-detalization? I mean, if any manual work was spent, you have to be aware that this PvP gear set became obsolete after adding G.O.R.E. , the potential new player would have no use or need to grind for it again, ... well unless you have plans for re-do gear progression and wipe progress.
  3. Good luck to current masters with their Fallen Earth 2.0 project and great thanks to original FE devs and story writers (these back before 2002) - for incredible idea and realization of post-apocalyptic world. I suppose i may spend some cash to pay for standalone single player version of FE game if such ever created, It would be the best way to get preserved certain stuff as I want to remember and return to it sometimes, and it is feasible. Lore is good, chain quest is there. I bet the number of FE players like me never needed multiplayer / pvp to enjoy the game anyway. Few my observations of (few of many) what was gone wrong : 1. The faction system sounds cool from lore point of view, still it wasn't that much rewarding (ok, Enforcer consumables were really cool). Crafting, weapons, synergy ? Speaking of highly praised crafting - it could be better made already in 2012, especially if it was less dependent on PvP mats and give a crafter more personal / factional touch. It also lacked an impact of personal choices made in lore story quests. The original design assumed you need ton of faction rep to farm, so you could craft faction armor. But for most of late comers, it was obsolete piece, only needed a as one of possible ways to get GORE armor. But wait - even it became useless with GT armor intro. 2. GORE boss raids were one of few successful and good game features, and it was solid way to make some a credits for pve players. The was a synergy between GORE raids, Citadel and gathering of PvP mat (rothium). I think the best time for game was when all people hunted for GORE parts. Citadel used to be a great community hub. It was fine for like 2 years, game was alive. Then GORE weapons nerfed and DT weps/GT armor set added, it made all GORE-related stuff obsolete. As a result it killed a need to participate in Citadel raids, it dissolved end-game community over few territories. Sure, GORE weapons nerf while was anticipated for very long time, but i saw it also caused that many people left the game, who heavily invested real money into it. 3. DOME wasn't friendly to solo/pve players while it became a gold mine for others. Devs were fine with it, and generally they never care of what average pve players feedback was. I think the DOME over year of its existence antagonized another group of players, who couldn't complete even early stage of DOME.
  4. Yeah sure, it is one of ways to make a transition, still doesn't relieve you and the team to give all players ("all" is important) some clear and doable objectives, what they can do with their characters - how to progress and don't feel ignored and gated by overall mechanics, skill deficiency and group-dependency. If weekend / casual player cannot grind even slightly worse gear (previously top) at much slower but steady rate, one will uninstall game, no bucks for you, obvious. I hope you walked-through this game at least once from 1 to 55 as solo player to understand pain, not exactly as a member of strong supportive clan which would babysit you.
  5. Just my opinion: Blind inventory and progress wipe is not a solution to bring new players, or make old players return to fill population gap. Not sure if it is also valid approach to make old players investing their money second time into boosters to restore their lost progress quickly. To attract new players you need to roll appealing content up to today modern standards. Yes, FE lore and setting is superb - i enjoyed my walk-through with multiple alts on all faction missions and default Global tech mission till end and beyond in Kaibab, Deadfall, TW and Alpha, but actual FE experience proves it is not enough. I used to like FE crafting as well, but once time passed and I saw different crafting in other games, it feels way too simplistic and non-appealing anymore to me. It lacks more personal player "touch" to crafted items. My advise. FE should have zone #1 polished and it size has enough place to fill it with many content, both PvE and PvP until population is stable enough. Otherwise this new game will again suffer for too big spread of population across levels and zones.
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