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(FINISHED) [Citadel] Theme Giveaway v2

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Edit: The giveaway has now concluded with 30+ themes given away to the participants. I appreciate everyone who participated and/or watched the giveaways on my stream during the 3 days.






Thank you all!


And of course, special thanks to the theme creators who made this giveaway possible: Arwo, Esgobar, Boofu, bombin and a couple others 🙂






I will be hosting another theme giveaway next weekend (Citadel Only!) We will be giving away a whole bunch of exclusive themes made by some of the top theme creators in the community such as Arwoss, Esgobar and Boofu. Some of the themes are brand new and have not yet been released to the public.


I've decided to do it properly this time and host it later in the evening to make sure that most people will be home from school and work and will have a chance to enter as well as added some rules to counter people trying to abuse the giveaway system. It is still unclear exactly how many per day we will give, but we have 20+ themes in stock. The giveaway will be done through Nightbot's giveaway system like last time.



1. You must have an R150+ character on Citadel, as this is a Citadel only giveaway.

2. You must be a follower of the stream for at least 2 weeks.

3. Your twitch account must be older than 2 months.

4. Behave like a normal human being in chat.

5. One person can only win up to two themes per day to keep things fair in case someone's luck is too insane.


I will be following the ruleset strictly this time, so keep that in mind.


The giveaway will be held on my stream @ twitch.tv/Flvws from Friday 18th January, 2019 and ending on Sunday 20th January, 2019 starting at 9PM GMT+2 / 21:00 GMT+2.

Make sure to FOLLOW and turn on notifications if you are interested!

You can also join my Discord Server for more details so you don't miss out on anything. (Recommended)



Here is one of the new themes you can win:



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Also, I will provide two copies of a theme which I don't sell anymore but a lot of people are still asking about it. Try to guess what is it. And come to Flaws' stream to get a chance to get it for free. See you!

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