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[EVENT] Survivor's Refuge - Christmas Party Social Event

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Survivor's Refuge - Christmas Party Social Event


Survivor's Refuge extends to you a personal invitation to their Christmas Party - all are welcome!


In celebration of recently surpassing 50 clan members, Survivor's Refuge extends to you an invitation to attend their annual Christmas Party. Everyone is welcome, and there will be many activities carried out on the day. The party will be focused around Christmas, with Christmas-themed giveaways, participation in the next Christmas event, and maybe some trivia and such too.




  1. Countdown timer:  Click here to view the event countdown timer!
  2. Location: Embry Crossroads, Sector 1.
  3. Date and time: Friday the 21st of December at 9pm GMT.
  4. Activities: Participating in the Christmas event / Giveaways / Instacrafts / Social time.
  5. Event: Survivor's Refuge members will be around beforehand to help levels 2-15 with the Embry First Night events. If you have a level 2-15 character, bring them along! More information on the event here.


Event Layout:


21:00pm: Meet at the LifeNet bunker in Embry - assemble a team to assist with First Night events.

21:30pm: Camps will be set up near the Embry LifeNet bunker. This will be the event area.

22:00pm: Giveaways will start and Instacrafts will be set down. There will also be treats available, courtesy of Ella!

The event will persist until 12pm GMT or until everyone leaves.



Lottery Giveaway:


To enter the lottery giveaway of the night, simply compose a mail to Ella Clinton ingame, and give a four-digit number between 0000 and 4999. 

The person who gets the closest to the actual number will win a little Christmas surprise! 

The winner will be announced at the end of the night.


Other Information:


Auctioneers, mailboxes etc will be accessible at the event area. Instacrafts will also be set up.


Please park your vehicle / mount at the designated parking area, which will be made obvious to you. This is to avoid clutter and to make it stand out to other people approaching the area, incase they don't see the group.


Donations for the event are welcome! Contact Ella Clinton on forums or ingame.

Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to us!



I hope to see you there on the night! Please drop any questions or concerns below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.



/Ella Clinton and Badger Mac

Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.


Edited by Hella Ella
Grammar error. :)
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Apologies for the delay folks, the post will be updated with new information regarding the event in approximately 24 hours.


Kindest regards.


Ella Clinton.

Director of Survivor's Refuge.

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Post updated, still awaiting more details for the next event. Check back on the 19th.



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A massive, massive thank you to everyone that showed up for the event tonight! The turnout was amazing!


Here's some screens I managed to grab:



Congradulations to Alice, our Christmas party lottery winner, who won an Xmas Battle Tanker key! Her guess was 1995, which was the closest to the actual number - 2052!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for showing up and supporting the clan tonight. We set this up, but you made it happen, and I'll never forget it.


See you all at the next one! Happy Holidays!


Ella Clinton and Badger Mac,

Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.

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On 12/24/2018 at 5:19 PM, Hollywood7098 said:

Lmao.... How I get a dislike by saying I love it? 


i will give you a like  because i want you be happy.


Have happy christmass!

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