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Should we give out the Autumn Assault skin?

Autumn Assault reward poll  

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  1. 1. Should we give out the Autumn Assault skin to everyone who logged in?

    • Yes. The event was flawed. There was no way for me to win.
    • No. Players worked hard to win. It will devalue their effort.
    • I don’t care.

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Well if we're doing freebies you could just give everyone that ever complains what they ask for and we'd all be better off. /s

Though I don't think giving the skin out to everyone is a great idea; there are better alternatives than devaluing something people worked for. If you say the event is flawed then wouldn't their win be worth more? A title is also laughable. Old players have so many titles that it wont be used ever.

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Hi all,


I think we’ve gotten a fairly solid discussion around this topic. It’s clear we aren’t going to make everyone happy.


But the poll shows more than 50% voting in favor of the skin for everyone who logged in. I know the title is a poor reward to those that actually won, but with our current work load, it’s the best I can do.


We will try to avoid the issues in Autumn Assault in the future.


i’m going to lock this thread and get my team started on awarding the skin.




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