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My Suggestion for Autumn Assault

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Problems with event

  • Active event area not clear/different for many players
  • The action ends up on a random street corner meaning little to no cover
  • Lag <-- Not really avoidable but still a problem. 
  • Players randomly switching from red to grey and vice versa

My Possible Suggestion

  • Host the event in Financial Central park. Has Clear defined area, fits the theme of Autumn Assault (players going crazy inside a park with trees/nature), enough room for players, all gun types can be used,
  • Have players re spawn randomly in middle of park. Add a respawn safety timer
  • If you leave the park you cant shoot players inside area, if your are inside the area  you can still shoot players outside (to prevent people from entering and leaving for safety)
  • Maybe add random objects in the middle of the park for cover (like a giant paintball field) (idk if you can do this in short notice just an idea for the future)
  • For Waterfront I would host the event inside the mall area (represents holiday shopping/people going crazy on black friday deals lol) 
  • Or host at Baylan shipping area
  • Last suggestion use the Fight club maps for the event.

These suggestions fix the noted problems I found with the event and it gives people a better chance at winning. Right now there are to many random variables to win the event other than your ability to shoot straight

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Hi there. Thank you for the suggestions!

We've received a couple of them already, but I'll add to the list based on what you wrote.

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