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PC Build Upgrade Help

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So my PC is finally getting pretty old and I'm wanting an upgrade. I've been researching a lot about potential parts and even thought of decent temporary fixes. Basically these are my current specs:

i5 4690k @ 4.6ghz

rx580 8gb(basically a 1060)

good ssd+hdd combo


I'm mostly contempt with everything that I have but I've noticed that my FPS has really been tanking recently. On top of that I love creating and editing content for APB but my fps really inhibits that. My main goals for a build, firstly is to be budget, maybe 5-600? and that budget is not for the whole build. Maybe just a CPU+RAM+MOBO combo. I'm also wanting to stream more also without having fps issues at all. Sadly thats hard without droping a megaload of money on a game like APB I feel like. I also been looking at AMD a lot and I have heard many rumors that it is trash for apb. While many benchmarks has shown that on many games it is about 10-25 fps less using amd compared to intel. But some benchmarks even show that using AMD over intel gives more consistent fps compared to higher fps.(while streaming) I'm wanting to stream+edit+play games(with high fps) (Also i only play games 1080p, usually low end graphics, competitive player here)


Another goal for my rig is to be able to get atleast 100-105+fps in apb constant. Maybe even in the 130s+. Ever since i upgraded my monitor to a 144hz I really feel lag when i hit down to 90fps. On my 60hz before I never felt this lag. 


I also was researching into just upgrading my cpu to a i7 4790k and forget getting a new mobo/ram with it, and maybe save the rest of the money for a 1070 or something. I feel that since apb has such a old engine that just switching to a i7 in 4th gen would be fine because apb cant utilize any of the  MORE cores/threads anyways with a newer gen CPU. (from benchmarks it seems like there isnt a huge fps different from a 4790k to a 8700k in OLDER games, due to them not being able to utilize the new cpu to its fullest).


In all, these are all my potential builds so far:

ryzen 7 2700x + high clocked ram + MOBO(about 150 dollars cheaper, no gpu upgrade)

i7 8700k + MOBO + RAM(pretty much the ultimate build... but a lot more expensive, no gpu upgrade. Would I even get FPS gains with this? I know apb is CPU intensive but I only have a rx580)

i7 4790k + GPU upgrade(maybe 980/1070) <-- (not super future proof, not much fps gains, but more consistent fps with streaming+gaming? This would prob cost me in the low 200s, maybe even 150ish if i find a good deal on a used one on ebay) **If i got this I would probably save for another year or so for another generation of PC parts and just buy a whole new computer for 1500ish...** (I also feel like I almost made up my mind on getting the 4790k temporary for another year till i save 1500 for a brand new system... But I guess im here to see what other people think of that idea or if I should go with something else.)


Forgive me for any typos or weird grammar, i typed this pretty quick and I'm ready to sleep(night shift worker)




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Can't give you any advice on a computer since mine is way older than yours. I can tell you that this is the Fallen Earth forum and not APB.

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Im using a ryzen 5 1600 oc@3.8mhz with 16gb of 3200mhz ram and a gtx 1060. I get around 100 fps constant/stable using the absolute highest settings for 1080p. Dunno if that helps you at all. The stock cooler for the ryzen cpus can often overclock a little bit without needing to upgrade your cooling.

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