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When all contacts are maxed, enforcers still get pledged to Trick

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Client version:

Summary: When all contacts are maxed, enforcers still get pledged to Trick
Description: As an enforcer, when you have all of the contacts (including Treat) done. The game can auto-pledge you to Trick, the Criminal contact.
Steps to reproduce:
 - 1: Log in to an enforcer character that has R255 and Treat maxed out.
 - 2: Start a mission
 - 3: Notice that you were auto-pledged to Trick
How many times have you recreated this bug: 2/2

Results: Enforcers can be auto-pledged to Trick (the criminal halloween contact)

Expected results: Enforcers shouldn't be getting pledged to Trick at all.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/xSxRCa-Hs7E

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