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[EVENT] Survivor's Refuge - Halloween Open Social Event

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💀 Survivor's Refuge - Halloween Open Social Event 💀


Hey everyone! Ella here.

I'm very happy to announce that Survivor's Refuge will be hosting an Open Social Event in conjunction with the annual Fallen Earth Halloween event.


Details, man!



Everyone is welcome! The event will be run by the staff members of Survivor's Refuge.



The event will be hosted between Watchtower and Barrow's Exchange in Sector 1 (Plateau), by the 'From Beneath You' event area.

To locate the event function area, type /waypoint 4715757 4054095, then press ALT + P and double-click on the waypoint title. Follow the yellow x.



The event will run from 8pm to 10pm GMT / UTC (London Time) on Thursday the 1st of November.

You can find a countdown to the event here.


Event Schedule

All times shown are relative to the standard GMT / UTC timezone. Use the countdown above for a reference.

All timestamps shown are set in stone- the convoy at Embry and all other locations will be leaving at the EXACT time shown. If you need to be in the convoy, don't be late!


7:30pm- Convoy leaves the LifeNet bunker of Embry and escorts players to the event area.

7:50pm- Convoy arrives at Watchtower to receive the event missions from Dr Medford (/waypoint 4508085 3937390) and Wentworth Trout (Bankers) (/waypoint 4507824 3935792).

8:00pm- Convoy arrives at the event function area (/waypoint 4715757 4054095).

8:05pm- Ella Clinton conducts the official opening ceremony of the event.

8:15pmEvent Devoured / From Beneath You commences (/waypoint 4722455 4040136).

8:45pm- Social time at the event area- have a 30 minute break.

9:15pm- Convoy departs from event function area to zombies event area south of Watchtower (/waypoint 4491687 3905250).

9:25pm- Convoy arrives at zombies. Event Days of the Dead commences.

9:50pm- Convoy returns to event function area for social night event. (/waypoint 4715757 4054095).

10:00pm- Lottery giveaway winner announced.

10:10pm- Social Night event commences. 


Lottery Giveaway / Other Giveaways


To enter the lottery giveaway of the night, simply compose a mail to Ella Clinton ingame, and give a four-digit number between 0000 and 4999. 

The person who gets the closest to the actual number will win their very own Interceptor Speedster Key.

The winner will be announced at the end of the event.


Other giveaways will be occuring throughout the event, so be sure to stick around to have a chance to win!


Other Information


Auctioneers, mailboxes etc will be accessible at the event function area. Instacrafts will also be set up during the break and after the event.


Please park your vehicle / mount alongside the road where the event area is. This is to avoid clutter and to make it stand out to other people approaching the area.


Donations for the event are welcome! Contact Ella Clinton on forums or ingame.


Special Thanks!


To Little Orbit, for giving us such a wonderful mix of events to play with!

To the Survivor's Refuge staff officer team.

To the Support Team Clan for all their help.

To you, for taking part and being awesome!


I hope to see you there on the night! Please drop any questions or concerns below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.





/Ella Clinton and Logan Montana

Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.

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I am shocked! While the turnout wasn't exactly the entire online population, I was honestly only expecting one or two people to attend.


This event was the first of many to come by Survivor's Refuge, and it's a very important moment for our clan- opening ourselves up to everyone else, leading the way for once, and learning from our own mistakes.


Obviously, I couldn't have done this without so many of you, so again some thanks are in order:

  1. To Little Orbit. You guys are incredible. You come in, take the reins, and already you're lashing them screaming for full speed ahead. The Fallen Earth community at large adores you guys, as do I, and this Halloween event was an extremely pleasant surprise, albeit difficult to understand at first. The work you guys are doing is incredible, and it isn't going unnoticed. We love you.
  2. To my staff officers in Survivor's Refuge. You guys have been here from the start and helped me build the clan up from the ground. Yes, we're small - 28 members small - but we do our best to make a difference. This event was one big example, and it's a cornerstone for many more events to come in the future. We already have our sights set on that big horizon, so expect much more from us in the future. To my Officers, thank you guys. Without you, this clan would be completely impossible. I love you all.
  3. To the folks at Support Team Clan. I had requested a few hands join us at the event today fearing I'd need a few bodies, and it turns out that I didn't. They showed up anyway. Thank you guys, your support and backing means the world to this clan, and you're my go-to right now for help. I love you all.
  4. To You. You are the player. You are the voice of Fallen Earth. You are a fragment of the last remnant of this beautiful community, and Fallen Earth is truly a beautiful game not just because of the extremely unique game itself, but because of it's people. You guys are the reason I still hecking adore this game. I love you all.

This is only the beginning of what I and Survivor's Refuge hopes to achieve. What we strive towards is building a better community, supporting that community, and keeping the gears of Fallen Earth well oiled from a social standpoint. We're not just the roar at the top of the mountain that you never actually see from the source- we are the lights and sirens barreling down the street to your aid, the protest storming the streets for a change, the extended hand to one in need in desperate times. We exist for you, and only for you - and for eachother. We owe Fallen Earth that much.


Here are some pictures that I liked from the event tonight:



So once again, thank you all for supporting us, and for being there for us just as we try to be there for you. Survivor's Refuge is growing and growing, and we don't intend on ever hitting those brakes. 


That's all from me for tonight, I'm going to bed. I love you all.


Thank you.


/Ella Clinton

Director of Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth.

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