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My silly sudo jazzy friend, we've all been just quite grand.

The game you name is rather dead, but we forge ever on ahead.

Dragging on this steady march, some would call a toilsome lurch.

Until the promised fated day, ever so very far away.

When this virtual world is said to be reborn.

Finally, the wasteland-crown we seek to adorn.

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Nah man.

We had a sale and the CEO joined us for a player organized ingame event.

There are some screen shots of shiny new engine and reports of slow but steady work on code restructuring for the transfer to that engine.

Other than that we're just waiting.

Oh, also premium is half what it used to be... so that's something, maybe?

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Ohhh OK,  sounds cool. Was guiny there lol?

Well with the transfer you mean, like the account you have now on FE you can bring it over to the new game? I thought a sweep was happening and everyone start fresh 

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