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Restoring APB's Visuals

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As we all know, this game used to look a hell of a lot better than it currently does.  



(Sorry if this is embarrassing to look back on Dancaster, your video just had a ton of good examples of how the game looked toward the beginning of Reloaded.)




Night time looked dramatically different than it does now, and daytime still looked quite a bit better than current day.


Now daytime has this gross looking blue filter over the screen, nighttime looks dead, the bloom is broken at certain times of the day, camera sway when steering vehicles was removed, some textures need swapped out for decent looking ones (in Asylum especially) and just post processing in general needs fixed.  This was one of the only games where the DoF wasn't distracting or bad looking in my opinion and now it just doesn't work v('~')v


Also bring back this type of bloom please.



Currently the bloom is just a gradient circle and it look gross and blobby.


Just for good measure, here's a comparison of RTW Night (Too bright imo) and current night time

I believe these screenshots were by Dopefish if I remember correctly.


It just looks so dead now.

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2 hours ago, BrandonBranderson said:




Videos like this want me to have the out of bounds system turned off outisde of missions 😞

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The current night looks too dark in the base color, while the old compeltely overbloomed, a no bloom brighter one would be nice. In the end most people anyways pump up gamma so its enar day conditions, so it makes not much sense to make the night generally too dark.

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