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Character appearance change?

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Is there anyway to change ones appearance without deleting and starting fresh?

I thought that would have been added since I last played.

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This should probably be moved to another section.
Misread the title and thought it was for new questions, instead of already answered FAQs and guides.

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You can only change hair styles in-game once the character is created. This has been an issue since the game was made.
So many players made a HUGE male toon, thinking they get some extra tank ability for being big (as a trade of for choosing a small toon), only to find out after wasting so much time that you can only be a little girl in this game if you want to be successful.
One would think that by now they would have added the ability to adjust your toon size after creation, but sadly no. And L.O. just took over so I don't see that happening until they completely rebuild the game.

My suggestion to L.O.: when you rebuild the game, please find a solution for this:
1. Make all hit boxes the same size so that everyone is treated fairly and we can finally be a male toon.
2. Adjust abilities to match the player size. Example: small toons move faster and are harder to hit but do less damage, but big toons are more tanky and do a bit more damage.

Thanks for reading!

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