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Tool to reduce OTW downloading by 95%

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6 hours ago, Ramihyn said:

Info, description and tool is here

Looks great but Response from lixil?

Only reason i can't run OTW is disk space. Edited by Zolerox

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I will add an option to create soft/hard links to the tool 🙂 (2 minute of google search pointed me to MKLINK)

i could'nt get in contact with a GM before posting this yesterday




The webpage is updated and the new version offers to use hard links or copy the files. Hard Links save 7.7 gb hard disk space but they require a recent NTFS version to work. If your software is up to date and your APB and OTW installation are on a NTFS partition, use hard links. Only if that fails, use file copying. The new version download was renamed to avoid webcache collision problems. The direct link to the archive is HERE

Have fun 🙂

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Tobii did a different method which requires less trust >> HERE <<
The sources of my tool are >> HERE <<


Updated version based on current APB and OTW files from 20th September 2018. Based on Aphadon's suggestion, the ClientFiles.xml is additionally deleted so the OTW client does a rescan of the files once and downloads about 7 mb data additionally. If you use the NTFS hard links option, there is hardly any excuse not to try OTW now 😉

The website link and description was updated. Follow the link at the start of this thread.

Edited by Ramihyn

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