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Few suggestions sent in the past to developers from old staff to improve game

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Hello, I post here few usefull suggestions to improve the game which were sent in the past to developers from old staff and these suggestions could get lost due to new forum. I also include current usefull suggestions and suggestions for fixes which players want or miss like stack splitting, etc...

1) Bring back stack splitting
Description and solution:
Idea about getting a split option back without afraid of dupping items is - make split option without need of dragging items.
It should work like this: By right mouse button click on stack of items, select split and set amount as before (like 5/60) . Splitted amount then would appear immediately in inventory (5 pcs).

2) Make item which restore attuned/worned items back to unattuned/unworned state (as Marketplace item it would be best option for getting some money source for the game).

3) Extend recipes Create/Refine Iron, Create/Refine Gears and Create/Refine Rubber to highest tier (for future content maybe also "Create/Refine Lead" to Superior Lead)
According to relative "new" recipes from The Outpost to make buildings there or GT vehicles, recipes for that require Superior Iron, Strong Rubber and Pristine Gears. Currently there is not big problem get Strong Rubber because it was added in some Junked Plastic nodes across The Outpost (especially time limited rewards nodes from World Events there).
Pristine Gears also are not hard to get because it can be obtained from some faction nodes in pvp areas and some treasure nodes.
Problem can be getting Superior Iron which is obtained very rarely from car nodes (scavening skill 195, from approx 80 cars you can get 2-4 pcs) in The Outpost and Alpha zone only and from few skill 195 nodes at special areas (drop rate same as from cars).
For these high level items there exist possibility to create/refine Superior Copper only (component is 5x Common Copper but it should be raised to 15 or 20x pcs because Superior Copper is really easy to get from looting corpses, nodes and crafting though it is not included in many recipes as component).

Reason and solution:
Possibility to have recipe for create/refine Superior Iron would be very usefull for players who often craft buildings for defending of The Outpost defense town (proposal to create could be 15 or 20x Average Iron).
Possibility to have recipe for create/refine Pristine Gears would be very usefull for players who often craft buildings for defending of The Outpost defense town and GT vehicles (proposal to create could be 15 or 20x Average Gears).
Possibility to have recipe for create/refine Strong Rubber would be usefull for players who want craft GT vehicles (proposal to create could be 15 or 20x Improved Rubber).

4) Make Scavenger Bosses (4 craftable group bosses) more interesting for players, for example change drop rate of keys from current approx 30 % chance to 100 % (maybe same include also in case of Earthwalker or tough bosses in Alpha zone).
Scavenger bosses are end content, very strong high level bosses whose spawner is not so easy to craft (components for crafting spawners have low drop rate on special areas and it is all right). To defeat them a group of players is needed and each boss has own special tactic. But current reward from these bosses is really really bad and not motivational to do raids to those bosses (General book and Impure volatile chemicals from their loot can be also obtained in higher amount at several better spots). 

5) Restore rare drop of storage item (trinket) called Super Soldier Serum (+40 Gamma +5 Gamma Regeneration)
Long time ago there was this trinket obtainable from strong level 45 enemies Cutter (Master), Redstone Informant (Master), Redstone Splicer (Boss) and Enraged Test Subject (Master) in Redstone Research Facility (bunker near Docuer's Court, waypoint X:6344969 Y:5903540) whose spawn in instance of mission "Back Into Danger" from quest giver NPC Lauryn Alter (waypoint X:6337489 Y:5899934).
Reason for removal trinket was due to its stats because in the past it was consider as an item with "too strong gamma buffs" but currently there exist stronger trinkets - for example Vile Fungal Culture with +10 Body and +20 Gamma Regeneration or Altered Shiva Strain with +32 Gamma and +6 Gamma Regeneration. According stats of Super Soldier Serum are almost identical as these two trinkets and currently (according to increased level cap from 50 to 55 and players stats modified by GT armor or AP weapons) Super Soldier Serum already shouldn't be consider as item with "too strong gamma buffs".

Reason to bring it back:
In game there aren't many usefull storage (trinket) items for Gamma and Gamma regeneration buffs, especially for level 30+ players and one of them - Altered Shiva Strain - is rare drop from boss who spawn normal in world every 3-4 minutes and boss is/was very often occupied. Many years ago players did fun teams or raids to get Super Soldier Serum because it was also challenge according to masters/boss high health points.

6) Make all Storage items (trinkets) tradable (maybe except mission reward trinkets or maybe include it if all of them will have player level requirement)
For example, if player on level 20 has some trinket which is useless for him yet (f.e. trinket is for level 10 player requirement and on higher level he found better trinket yet), he can't give or trade that trinket to other players like in case of useless armor parts or weapons and he can only destroy that item. It would be really nicer if players could share trinkets which they don't want and for lowbies it could mean also making some extra chips instead of simply destroying the item.

7) Fix of missions where unobtainable items are needed to finish it Kristo's Rest and Park City (Tattered Coyote Hide and Tough Boar Meat items).
Current missions impossible to finish are:
"Best of the Rest (Cheap Ammunition or Crossbow Ammo)"
"Move Over, Bacon" part 2

8 ) Bring back drop of silenced version of pistol GA-8 Sidearm Mark S into Ballistics Experiments crate (pistol currently still exist in game but it can't be obtained from crate as before - seems to be some kind of a bug)

9) Bring back option to get Torn Human League Patch trinket which was reward from faction missions in New Gallows for its usefull stats (trinket still exist in game but it can't be obtained, mission reward was changed in patch to craftable armor and helm reward)
To avoid of make changes in missions and mission rewards drop of Torn Human League Patch trinket could be added for example as rare drop of boss/master enemy like in case of other rare drops (often trinkets, armor and weapons). It could be drop for example from tough Human League Recruiter lvl 32 master in Brekshire.

10) The Outpost map/area important fixes (end content)
- World events - fix bugged events what is impossible to finish, fix some names of events and prevent events of start by NPCs attacks (panther, sporekill, bee, etc...) (ad 10a)
- Chota camp, Vista camp = remove Master enemies whose belogs to District only (camp guards) - in Chota camp is one in FT pod, in Vista camp are 3 in FT pod
- On road near Vista camp make Vista guards not aggessive to Vista players and prevent them of attacking themselves
- Remove some drops from loot of creatures spawned by Watertowers during The Outpost defense town (ad 10b)
- Add faction merchants to camps where are missing (Enfo camp)
- Fix mission in Traveler camp for vials (event mission) which is badly connected with other mission in same camp
- Make more interesting loot to Outpost defense town group huge bosses (Earthwalker, El Cadejo, Big Bee, Super Dinky, The Unknown, Giant Creeper, 3 Sandworms) and mark them as boss/master (for example 100 % of key drop for what players in raid can roll)

10a) Fix of The Outpost map bugged events:
- CHOTA Attack (event near Enforcer Camp) - Defeat 60 Enforcer Traitors
In this event Enforcer Traitors are overboosted and if they attack object they use patho-transmission effects (250 disease dmg, 25 more dmg per second). This effect is good for players (challenge, need team to event) but not for attacked object. This object NPCs destroy really quick and players haven't chance to finish this event (once we brought raid with 16 players, still no chance save object and event failed).
Solution: Make health point status of attacked object higher

- Traveller Attack (event in Enforcer Camp) - Kill 50 CHOTA Invaders
This event have bad name and it should be rename to CHOTA Attack. This name already exist so event above (Defeat 60 Enforcer Traitors) could be renamed to Enforcer Traitors Attack, Traitors Attack or something like that.

- Pagoda Protection (event near Lightbeared Camp) - Kill 60 Human League Invaders
Same problem as in case of CHOTA Attack
Solution: Make health point status of attacked object higher

- Traveler Communications (event near Traveler Camp) - Kill 60 Human League Invaders
Same problem as in case of CHOTA Attack
Solution: Make health point status of attacked object higher

- Judges Event ??? (event northwest of Lifenet Labs on T crossroads)
Nobody know exact name of this event, it seems really bugged. Event always shows up on map and immediately in 1-2 seconds is marked as finished. It seems it has something to do with nearby Judges and their totems.
Here is the exact position of the event:

10b) Remove some drops from loot from creatures spawned by Watertowers during The Outpost defense town
There is problem with few creatures who have 100 % drop of storage (trinket) item Lucky Earthwalker Toe, Deformed Hexweave Helm and Deformed Mesoprene Helmet. These 3 items should be drop from Earthwalker (Boss) in Gritstone Pit only and maybe also from Earthwalker spawned during defense of The Outpost town.
Currently these items are dropped by Earthshaker Ants (level 65) and Chupacabras (level 65) and it causes excessive amount of these items in game.

All creatures (Angry Bees lvl 50, Tiny Creepers lvl 50, Sandworm Larvas lvl 65, Super chickens lvl 50, Earthshaker Ants lvl 65 and Chupacabras lvl 65) there have chance to drop G.O.R.E. recipes books too (Pistols, Rifles and Blades) in considerable amount what "destroy" meaning of G.O.R.E. bosses (Lilith, Crabbahoak and Buzzkill) and thanks to that players don't challenge these bosses not often anymore. Similiar situation is with item Impure Volatile Chemical (in one raid can be dropped 40-200 !!! of these items) what causes that players don't challenge "volatile bosses" in Terminal Woods anymore.
"Wave Boss" creatures (Big Bee lvl 50, Giant Creeper lvl 50, Sandworms lvl 65, Super Dinky lvl 65, Earthwalker lvl 65 and El Cadejo lvl 45) could have this loot beacuse they aren't spawned often as other mobs and they should have better loot then other creatures for sure. There should be also added (Master) mark under name to all  those "wave bosses" like The Unknown lvl 65 master has there.

Because some creatures (listed above) drop these items during defense of The Outpost, it causes that players don't challenge Earthwalker (Boss) in Gritstone Pit, G.O.R.E. bosses and "volatile bosses" anymore.
In my opinion the source of that problem is that mobs above (especially level 65 Earthshaker Ants and Chupacabras) have set "Earthwwalker loot" in their loot table and it isn't correct of course.

11) Extend display showing ingame money (chips)
Current it's possible to get maximum of 99y 99r 99b 99w chips but display stay show up always only 9y 99r 99b 99w. That is caused because ingame economy didn't expect few years ago that player would be able to get more then 9y.

12) Fix and bring back Black Jack minigame into Bunker Bars
Many years ago Black Jack minigame in Bunker Bars was disabled for some reason and there is only active Slot Machines. It would be nice to fix and bring back Black Jack back to the game because it was really fun and relax minigame. There are also unobtainable achievements for players (in game itself and on steam) that are connected by this minigame.


If it will be necessary, I can provide more detailed information about each suggestion. I will be glad if LO could have a time to look at these ideas.
Thank you
Lukasocz from The Hazmat Team

Edited by Lukasocz
Added picture with broken event location
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I'd like to see not just trinkets, but cosmetic armor as well, to be tradeable.

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39 minutes ago, Guinylen said:

I'd like to see not just trinkets, but cosmetic armor as well, to be tradeable.

I agree and same also maybe with standard gear items and weapons which are obtained as mission rewards becuase all of them has player level requirement so nontradable status is not needed. That causes for example that some pistols like Betty or Vicious Pistol isn't possible to get in pair although other you can get as pair like for example Eatman's End. That causes also same thing like in case of suggestion no. 6 that player can't sell these items if he doesn't need them anymore and he can only destroy (delete) it. Edited by Lukasocz

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I don't believe there is a limit of 99y, just stops displaying beyond 9/99/99/99

A solid option until they maybe consider a new client would be allowing you to store it via an NPC which will tell you the amount of chips it has in "storage" until then.

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99 yellow etc is indeed the max per toon.  6 toons all maxed and mail used to store the excess. so an up to the limit allowed would be nice..on top of fixing the counter.

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