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Response time form LO

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First of all i know this game is running on a badly maintained custom engine.

But the lag that now have been going on for 8-10 hours is something that can be done something with, if LO just can get the info its happening.

ATM this is the fastest way to get any response and that's sad. -> @MattScott, @Lixil, or @ Whoever is in charge of running the server.

Being in a clan that invites in all the new players it can, I see more and more of those just leave, some because of the lag and warping of mobs....

So plz setup a way to monitor the server for the lag or give us some faster way to get the attention of the server crew.


Edit: So we are going to have to wait for the scheduled restart? It's in 2 hours... then the game will have been close to unplayable for 16-18 hours......

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And a new day and same lag, and no GM or LO technicians in sight... I'm NOT waiting for the scheduled maintenance in 11 hours this time. Time will be spent looking for other ways to waste my time.

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