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My Personal Bug Report from last week.

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I have played Apb in the last week about 35 hours there are following things happened to me that can be fixed. not immediately but in the course of time. 

1. I shot an opponent from about 8 - 15 meters with my secondary (Obeya FBW) with two hits who was then killed by my teammate, but I didn't get an assist.

2. Since a few days my Fps is dropping very much, which was never so bad before as it is now. I also find no logical reason, no unnecessary background processes are running and my PC is in a top condition. Of course the Apb is known for the problem but it was never that bad for me. I play at 120 Fps which normally drop to 90, at the moment it drops to 30 frames per second, which has a very strong effect on the game. In addition, due to the strong fps problems, the mouse speed always increases and the mouse only becomes normal again when you restart Apb.

3. It is also known that not everyone is affected by the Laggs. If I have a ping of 75, people from the clan I play with have a ping of 180 which means that there are certainly people who have a low ping at this moment. That explains why people are playing as if they are not affected by any server problems. These are probably the players who are called "hackers" by everyone because they can simply play normally. In apb, it's about seconds when you can see or shoot your enemy sooner. 

There are current APB videos on YouTube from players running around with a 25 ping, which I can not understand. I have been playing for weeks with a ping of 100- 48. earlier I played with 30- 28

4. People are still teleporting, it's getting better, but it's still there.

5. I think the A.I controlled car drivers in San Paro have a big problem with me, they tend to run me over every now and then, maybe the A.I. doesn't like my new D.va outfit from Overwatch. but it's very funny, I must admit. 

** EDIT **
6. Sometimes I get packet losses 1.00 - 8.00. Reason unknown

Even though the game is just a big bug, I had a lot of fun! and I'm really looking forward to the time that lies ahead.

I wish you Little Orbit much strength and good luck for everything you have in mind. (and please hurry, I can hardly wait.) ❤️
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1. desync itself
2. some cheaters uses lowering FPS shit (i have same on some gold players i drom to 50 fps from 90-101)
3. you are wrong my friend more advantage will get ppl with 100-150 ms because not all hits could register while shooting to them xD
4. desync itself (server still cant handle player positioning watch my movies on YT xD
its how to force game to teleport you through things xD

oh forgot to mension this second character on video got banned for this what im showing on video 😉 by FairFight then its still working (its triggering bans) i got banned for jumping with vegas and still teleporting 😉 to vendor npc's if u know what i mean xD
5. i achive AI npc speeds up driving 😉 like hell
6. server issues propably still shit servers they need to change it back to very old providers where was almost no lags and desyncs and all works at 80% good (now its like at last 30%) Edited by TheSxW

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