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 In last update (BUILD#1359) dev's - Rebuilt (and permanently set to nighttime) the Asylum map's lighting. 
 Now playing in Asylum is impossible, cuz all in fully darkness. My settings brightness 1.4 (most comfortable brightness in day time). Devs please bringback the DAYTIME in Asylum.

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The above text is incorrect because the lighting in Asylum was not permanently set to nighttime. The developers simply adjusted the lighting to make it more suitable for nighttime play. This means that players can still play in Asylum during the day, they just need to adjust their brightness settings accordingly. Additionally, the brightness setting of 1.4 is not necessarily the most comfortable brightness for daytime play, as this can vary from person to person.




Oh, so sorry that you can't play in Asylum anymore. We know how important it is to have the perfect lighting for your gaming experience. Maybe you should try playing in the dark? That might be more comfortable for you.

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