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Thing's I'd like to see:
Clan/Gang War District - Take a district, divide it into smaller sectors/territories, allow groups of players to fight for control of said territory. Make the territories being 'invadeable' like once a week. Got the idea from Ragnarok Online, which has castles that Guilds can take over with battles happening once a week during the War of Emperium. Will I personally ever be involved in such a thing? Probably not. But if you give it some sort of reward system tied to holding the territory it might be a fun spin on Fight Club districts. Probably limit each group to holding only one territory, though. Otherwise we might see a whole Clan just dominate the entire district.

New Open World Crimes - Ga5station robbery is on the top of my list of open world stuff I'd like to see. High risk, high reward, type dealio, since the stations double as vehicle repair and thus increased chance of being witnessed by an enforcer. Maybe do some smuggling open world crimes too, like NPCs or a Cargo/Shipping location that will provide drugs/guns/gadgets to be delivered to the Blood Roses or G-Kings. Of course, Enforcers can witness anyone with smuggled goods in their inventory.

Casinos - Basically, money sink variations of Social Districts. Places players with the funds can go to spend their money. Maybe something like GTA Online's Casino? Maybe have in-game concerts held at the Casino for special events, like the concerts Phantasy Star Online 2 and Champions Online has going every now and then. Just a song or two, not like a whole concert deal. And maybe find some talented music creators who are part of the community and willing to display their songs at such events.

Race Districts - I know this has been mentioned, but I like the idea of districts where the only purpose is to race cars.

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