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Little Orbit, i sincerely want to thank you for picking up this game!

Seeing as how much you've already done, from making slight changes to impactful changes.

Being so communicative towards us from being active on the forums and active in-game, replying to as much topics as possible.

GM's being active on the game itself, i haven't seen a single GM since 2013<When i started.

And it's amazing to have you in-game, fooling with the community and laughing with us.

The Q&A with Matt Scott looks promising, and really shows that he does listen to the community!


I forsee a bright future for APB, please make us players proud!
You'll have my support, and i'm sure many others will agree!

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Finally being able to use my main account to talk in forums is so easy now, before G1 couldn't be bothered fixing my Forums account for my main email so I had to make another forums account just to communicate. Anyways we have high hopes for the new owners of APB, we verymuch have been deprived of updates.

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Forum revamp motivated some friends to create forum accounts. Things are changing indeed...

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