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Resolution broken, game does not display, but still runs.

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Hi there,

I adjusted my resolution the other day to see if it could help with lag, and upon changing it, I was immediately booted to the desktop, but the game still runs. When I click on the APB icon as it is running, a white rectangle appears in the top left for a few seconds, my screen flashes black, and then returns to the desktop.


Is there any way to reset my resolution outside of the game?

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Hi @SkySmashify  


with a lack of details this would be very difficult to help you with, however..  a simple option is available. 


Open your games "installation directory"  and navigate to the Config folder.  

 For Example :   Directory :\Steam\Steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config  


Then select the following files and delete them,  






Load the game launcher, and click on options / repair, the game will then scan your installation and replace the above files with "vanilla" files (unmodified default files). this should get you back into the game, were you can then begin changing resolution and graphics options again.  

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On 9/21/2021 at 7:26 AM, FakeBungo said:

use apb advanced launcher and play on fullscreen windowed https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip


you don't need ADVL to  do full screen window, (full screen borderless)  that's two separate things. if anything try the in game vanilla full screen borderless and if no luck then  ADVL. 


But ay . 

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