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(Sorry my english)

Hello guys... i return to play this game after many years, APB make my adolescence, so... i download on steam, log in, create a character, and i can't play 10 minutes without have a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death..) and my Computer Restart... 

and no, is not problem of my PC, i check all possibilities, i play other online games (so much more heavy) and play normaly, without any crash or problemas, it's just APB, i open, select a district and 5 five or 7 seven minutes after, my PC have a Blue Screen and restart... 
i put the game on window mode, and play with task Manager open, and my ram don't pass 5.5gb, my CPU don't pass 20% of use, my GPU don't pass 30% of use, my HD don't pass 15%~25% of use... all is normaly, and minutes after... blue screen. 

Just only with APB... i want play so much this game, but i can't.. is broken. 

intel core i7 3770 
GTX 1050 2GB 
Windows 10 PRO X64 bits 20H2 - 19042.928 

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21 hours ago, rodrig0rm1 said:


I Don't know how, but i can play normaly now, i put the game all on "minimum" graphics and, still run normaly.

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HI @rodrig0rm1  sorry to hear your having this issue.. Firstly sorry if this comes across as me picking holes in your message, I am just simply trying to understand and narrow possibilities. so here are some questions, but also some pointers to think about checking


1) so You downloaded APB, is this recently? or an older copy that you have opened and updated to current version?  if this was an old version (more then a year or so) but has updated then i would think about  the possibility of re-installing the game with the latest install file through steam. ¬> additionally remember to check for updates with Dx & Netframework4.8+ the latter should update through your os updates but some times gets missed. 


2) Blue Screens of Death BSOD - these are tricky and yes this could be caused by applications and not system hardware but mostly result in  hardware failure but not Faulty hardware, (in a nutshell = BSOD is an os safety trigger in the event of an application causing harm to hardware or hardware malfunction that can cause further damage, even a bad memory chip on ram can cause this in random intervals) so i would get my phone ready, and try to trace my steps to make this happen again and with the phone ready record your screen or take a pic, why? the BSOD will display a code, or if like you state you have the most recent OS it will present a QR code for you to scan with your phone camera.  This will then present you with some sort of "idea" reference to the MS site regarding to what your BSOD is. (sometimes its a "very vague" description but points you in the direction you need to investigate.


3) abit more technical and you will need administrative rights to your OS, iv advised before in other threads is to view your "event viewer log (EVL) " ,  if you know the exact time and date this BSOD happened, you can load the EVL on the left side under Custom logs > Administrative logs  = scroll to the time and date of your BSOD and look through for any "critical" events and anything that stands out as an issue, note that some events stem from a series or domino effect that can be up to 10/20 minutes prior. take your time to read through.  also do not be alarmed if you see a lot of "caution" events some (most) you can ignore. 


4) you stated that you monitored task manger and your ram never when above 5.5Gb , this i would imagen you mean as a total system usage?  as the game its self in current state will never go above 3.0/3.2gb due to its build limits. BUT if you do have an issue like memory leak anything above will cause the game to crash out, so i would be very concerned if your game was going to 5.5gb. 

    ¬> I would also take into account that your gpu is only a 2gb, which means it is having to share/divide load with your system ram,  this is dependant on your motherboard configuration if this is set to do so. 

     ¬> additionally , 1050 are not regarded as "medium/high end" gaming graphics cards, they are actually the low end, &  can play some games but i would not expect to push any serious games, this would include trying apb at 1920x1080 60fps, i would advise trying the game at 1280x720 res in window mode with everything to low settings and then slowly up the detail, AA and Advanced settings may have to be off, 


Besides that i think from your update post you have a found a stable point work from so good luck. 👍


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