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  1. I Don't know how, but i can play normaly now, i put the game all on "minimum" graphics and, still run normaly.
  2. (Sorry my english) Hello guys... i return to play this game after many years, APB make my adolescence, so... i download on steam, log in, create a character, and i can't play 10 minutes without have a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death..) and my Computer Restart... and no, is not problem of my PC, i check all possibilities, i play other online games (so much more heavy) and play normaly, without any crash or problemas, it's just APB, i open, select a district and 5 five or 7 seven minutes after, my PC have a Blue Screen and restart... i put the game on window mode, and play with task Manager open, and my ram don't pass 5.5gb, my CPU don't pass 20% of use, my GPU don't pass 30% of use, my HD don't pass 15%~25% of use... all is normaly, and minutes after... blue screen. Just only with APB... i want play so much this game, but i can't.. is broken. intel core i7 3770 8GB RAM HD 1TB GTX 1050 2GB Windows 10 PRO X64 bits 20H2 - 19042.928
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