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ETA on stackspliting?

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Can we get a update on this?




Its now 2 1/2 months ago....


I know this was before the takeover but it's annoying as hell not having it due to the weight limits.


So can we get a update or ETA on this? Back in 1 day, a week, a month, a year or never?


A answer to this will be the deciding factor to spend more cash on or not on this game.

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there is no ETA, they are fixing the issue about "duplicate items by splitting items in inventary and log out".


Its is not a solution really because hiper lag in game can do same affect, but "no splitting" mitigate  alot damage game is taking.


Your decision of spend/not spend money is only yours, the only thing we all know is " new orbit" is working as profesional company giving " state of game" and driving this ship with comunity.


My advice to you, is take calm, matt said they are working in code, if they hve code restaured is very easy they update and fix game

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Splitting stack issue is a major problem for me. I subscribe at the Commander level, but I do nothing except craft. I don't enjoy PvP, and I've done all the PvE on all of my toons. Crafting is all that's left for me, and not being able to split stacks is beyond annoying.



I've been with Fallen Earth since just at the end of the Beta, back in (I think) 2008. I'd hate to leave now, but broken pieces of the game are so frustrating.

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